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 William Albanese Sr. Paintings

Maria Alexandrov       Paintings

Prudence Aliminosa      
Gourd Art

Kim Asper          Photography

Dorothea Barrick         Paintings

Joanne Bast        Fabric Art - Jewelry

Bernice B. Beavin          Photography

Sharon K. Benner        Paintings

Barry Bittinger       Photography

Nancy K. Bittinger        Paintings

Steve Bleinberger     Watercolor and Photography

Margaret Bria        Paintings

Cheryl Broton Pastel & Oils

Leonard Buckley         Paintings

David Churchill        Photography

Ruth Colburn      Abstract Paintings

Thomas Conway      Paintings

Maureen F. Crum      Paintings

Vickie Curtis        Paintngs

Robin Deardorff      Paintings

Diane Delozier        Paintings

Sandra Desrosiers      Paintings 

Mandy Duffy       Bead-work

Jim Eckman      Wood Craft

Margery V. Erickson         Fabric Art

Alice Faber     Paintings

Jerry Gadd       Paintings

Carol  Wilkerson Gadd     Photography

Gary L. Gasowski        Paintings
Barbara Geesey       Gullah Dolls

Sandra  Gilpin      Paper Cutting

Ray Hartland      Paintings

Kirby M. Heltebridle     Paintings

Barbara Hess       Paintings

Angela Hoke     Pencil Drawings

James Hollenbeck      Photography

Stephen Isaacs        Paintings

Ellen Jenkins       Photography

Ron Jenkins     Photography

Herbert Kemme        Photography

Bob Kenyon      Paintings

Neale Knight      Miniature Sculpture

Izzy Lau    

Cortez  Lawrence      Paintings

Ethlyn Lehman      Paintings

Mary J. Luquette      Fabric Art

Eric Miller      Paintings

Joli Miller    Paper Cutting

Deborah Nell      Paintings

Steve Nevada       Paintings

Richard Orndorff        Photography

Michael Parameros       Sculpture

Juliann Perrin     Oil Paintings

Pru Reichart        Gourd Art

Jennifer Riggs      Photography - Jewelry
Frederick O. Roelecke      Paintings

Bill Sachs      Paintings

Carole  Sachs     Floral Arrangement

Joan Schwartzman       Paintings

Ken Schwartzman       Photography

Craig Sheely      Photography

Rebecca Yates Shorb      Paintings

Felicity Sidwell     Paintings
John Sokolovich  Metal Sculpture

Donald  Spurlin    Paintings

Stephen G. Stroup       Paintings

  Nina Strucko      Paintings

Judy Temme       Stained Glass

John Walker      Paintings

Virginia  Walker      Fabric Art

Jane West      Baby Portraits

Charlotte A. Yealey      Paintings

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